In use only during the Roman period. Only half of the building survives, and that in a very poor condition; it is situated outside the archaeological site and has not been excavated yet. It incorporates the equally fragmentarily known large Augustan administrative centre, which is not included in the digital reconstruction project; some traces of its south colonnade survive, possibly of the Ionic order. Only the Basilica’s foundations remain, and these only in parts. We have more information about the shape of its interior. The representation is based on buildings with a similar use from other areas, especially the Basilica in the Agora of Corinth. More information is available on the colonnade on the south part of the Basilica, several portions of which survive [Shear, T.L., ‘The Athenian Agora: The Northeast Complex’, Hesperia 40 (1971), pp. 261-265 and ‘The Athenian Agora: Northeast Basilica, Shops and Houses on the North Side’, Hesperia 42 (1973), pp. 134-144].

Basilica, 3D representation

The project "Virtual Reality Digital Collection 'The Ancient Agora of Athens'" has been co-funded in a percentage of 80% by the European Regional Development Fund and in a percentage of 20% by state funds in the framework of the Operational Programme "Information Society" of the 3rd Community Support Framework.

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